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Engineering Consulting

Mechanical Engineering

Seeing the big picture of the project, while keeping great attention to detail is our mechanical engineering departments specialty. Each design is given an individual approach to obtain the greatest understanding, delivering the best quality product.  Our engineers are certified with the CAD program Solidworks and are experts in:

- 3D Part design and assembly


- Simulation

- 2D drawings

- Product development

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers are capable of designing and creating PCB for a variety of applications and are professionals in:

- PCB design

- Micro controller programming

- Power management

- Embedded systems

- Programmable logic


​We have equipped ourselves with an in-house machine shop to save money and time on the prototyping process. This allows our engineers to quickly obtain quality prototypes to test function and design.  

Shop capabilities include:

- PCB assembly

- Laser cutter

- 3-axis mill

- Grinder

- FDM 3D printer

Realized Projects

Customizable Operator's Console

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